Use water sparingly as our district is currently faced with the drought.


Mtubatuba is the urban center of the municipal area and serves as the administrative head office of the Mtubatuba Municipality. To the westof Mtubatuba town are rural villages of Mpukunyoni Traditional Council (previously with Mtubatuba Municipality) administered by the ingonyama Trust Board; to the south-west lies KwaMsane Township; to the north-east of the Mtubatuba Town lies iSimangaliso Wetland Park; and is bordered by Mfolozi River to the South. St lucia town is a tourism and service center for the surrounding rural area of Mpukunyoni and a scenery belt serving the passing R618 trafic which links the Mtubatuba Town and St Lucia Town.

Our Vision

Mtubatuba Municipality vision statement represents the municipality’s future projections. It answers the question “Where do we want to go?”, hence its focus on the organization’s future. The vision for a municipality is to inspire, focus the attention and mobilise all residents, communities, stakeholders, politicians and officials in growing the economy, alleviating poverty and creating the desired future for the whole municipal area.

All role players in the municipalityy need a joint Vision as a common ground, which provides guidance to the municipality and the residents. The council’s decisions have to be oriented towards clearly outlined and agreed objectives, at the same time focus on the good governance and management and the accountability of the municipal government towards the residents.

The activities of the Council (Councillors and Officials), as well as all stakeholders (Local Municipalities, Sector Departments, Private Sector, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) etc.) need to be guided and focused by strategies relating to and addressing the issues (problems, constraints, opportunities etc) as identified from the analysis.

Mtubatuba Local Municipality Vision Statement

“Mtubatuba municipality through cooperativeness will be the engine of service delivery thus encouraging sustainable economic development and communities by 2020”


In order to achieve to achieve the above vision Mtubatuba municipality is committed into working with its community and stakeholders at large:

  • Delivering a high standard of essential services in a sustainable manner
  • Encouraging active public participation in development issues
  • Create robust economy through maximum exploitation of natural resources
  • Globally renowned eco-tourist destination
  • Building financial viability, through intensive investment and accountability.