Use water sparingly as our district is currently faced with the drought.


In terms of the local Government Municipal Planning and Performance management Regulations of 2001, Performance management: ” entails a framework that describes and represents how the municipality’s cycle and processes of performance planning, monitoring, measurement, review, reporting and improvement will be conducted, organized and managed, including determining the roles of different role players”.

The strategic tool for performance management must be integrated development planning which has satisfied the requirements of the MEC for local Government within the Province and brought together he vision of all the local communities and role players within the municipal structure.


  1. The aims of performance management are to provide practical and user friendly tolls to measure and evaluate the performance of any organization on an ongoing basis and for an annual review.
  2. In order to achieve the above, the overall strategic objective of the performance management system is to improve the performance of municipalities, using tools such as :
  • Measuring and gathering data, information and ordering such into a format which will guide decision-making;
  • Setting and adhering to time frames;
  • Creating report-back, review and evaluation mechanisms;
  • Ensuring the development of political, administrative and financial accountability;
  • Developing early warning signals regarding any internal or external threats , financial viability, the capacity of the municipality to fulfill its constitutional and developmental mandates and for meaningful and timeous intervention;