Use water sparingly as our district is currently faced with the drought.

Local Economic Development

The largest employment sector is the agricultural sector. Timber is provided for pulp, poles, firewood and veneer. The mill at Riverview is the focus of the sugarcane activities. Natural resources provide the focus for the eco-tourism industry, which extends beyond the municipal area into adjoining municipalities, formal game and nature reserves and private game lodges, Various accommodation establishments are located in the greater Mtubatuba area along with restaurants and sporting facilities.



  1. To identify the type of businesses, services, industries and economic activities to benefit local economy as well as to provide the neccessary services and backing for achieving municipal IDP goals and strategies
  2. To identify the most opportune and realizable economic activities for the short, medium and longer terms in order to initiate employment creation and to act as a catalyst for future entrepreneurial growth
  3. To ensure poverty alleviation, shared wealth creation, community stability and raised standards of living through formal job creation. entrepreneurial activity and Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) development
  4. To Build the basis for increased municipal financial and administrative capacity both as an employer and service deliverer of note and to move towards fulfilling the constitutional mandate of developmental local government