This is the fourth generation of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), following the last local government elections. The Council of Mtubatuba Municipality held its strategic planning session in March 2019 to look at its challenges and interventions, internal and external environmental analysis, vision, mission, core values, goals and strategic objectives in an endeavour to achieve alignment and compliance with the relevant government policies and priorities. It is with great pleasure that I embrace the opportunity to report on the progress in respect of what we pledge to deliver for the community of Mtubatuba Municipality in the next 5-year period.

To start, the IDP has 6 Key Performance Areas which are as follows:

  • Municipal Transformation and Institutional Development;
  • Basic Service Delivery and Institutional Development;
  • Municipal Financial Viability and Management;
  • Social and Economic Development; Good Governance and Public Participation; and
  • Cross Cutting Interventions (Provincial KPA).

The KPAs have goals and strategic objectives and they are in line with the programmes and projects which we have the intention to implement over the next 5-year period in our endeavour to address the below mentioned interventions:

1. Cleanliness of Mtubatuba and St Lucia Towns;
 - As the Mayor of Mtubatuba, I launched the Cleanliness Campaign in Mtubatuba town with all our stakeholders and appealed to all Councillors to lead
 their ward-based cleanliness campaigns.
 - In St Lucia, we ensured that our stakeholders supports us to build the ablution facility at the Taxi Rank and this, has put an end in an inhuman act,
 of our people relieving themselves in rather compromising areas.

 2. Traffic congestion in Mtubatuba Town and lack of parking space;
 - I instructed my administration to finalise the process of gazetting By-laws and it is encouraging to share with you that they are at the very last stage
 of gazetting.The existence of the afore-mentioned By-laws will allow us to deal effectively with unruly and nuisance behavior in our towns. As such,
 we will be getting Traffic Wardens and Traffic Experts to deal with the traffic and in the process generate revenue.

 3. Haphazard Street Trading and Unlicensed Businesses;
 - Our Local Economic Development unit, coordinated the informal economy and collectively they came-up with a register mitigate unlawful trading
 - The municipality is now actively enforcing trading licenses and doing business inspection to root-out expired foods.

 4. Encouraging participation in Arts, Culture and Sports
 - I am proud to share with you that Mtubatuba sends thousands of Meidans to Umkhosi Womhlanga annually.
 We are also actively engaging artists to turn their talents to business.
- It is equally worth mentioning that Mtubatuba municipality has positioned sports as a way of life and as a trigger of business opportunities.
 As such we have successfully revived Boxing in Mtubatuba and judging by the number of reputable provincial-level games that we have hosted,
 we can only go far.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the public who actively participated and continue to support the Municipality during the process of the drafting of this IDP, working together with one objective in mind being to create a better future and to improve the lives of our communities. A word of gratitude to our Councillors through the Office of the Speaker, Honourable Cllr. M.M Davies, for always putting the needs of our people first. Finally, the office of the Municipal Manager, Mr. J.A Mngomezulu, senior managers and officials are also acknowledged for their respective pivotal roles in ensuring that decisions taken are in support of the Council and its resolutions