Website Compliance

Municipal Website Compliance
This website serves as an integral part of a Mtubatuba Local Municipality’s communication infrastructure and strategy. It allows easy access to relevant information, serves as a tool for community participation, improves stakeholder involvement and facilitates stakeholder monitoring and evaluation of municipal performance.

Relevant Legislation
The role of Mtubatuba Local Municipality’s website, as platform for information dissemination, participation and disclosure has been significantly catered for in various pieces of legislation, including:

  • The Local Government Municipal Systems Act No 32 of 2000 ("the Systems Act");
  • The Local Government Municipal Financial Management Act No 56 of 2003 ("the           MFMA"); and
  • The Municipal Property Rates Act, no 6 of 2004 ("the MPRA").

Municipal Systems Act Requirements
Section 21A of the Systems Act: Documents to be made public
(1)  All documents that must be made public by a municipality in terms of a requirement of             this Act, the Municipal finance Management Act or other applicable legislation, must be          conveyed to the local community:
    (a) by displaying the documents at the municipality's head and satellite offices and                          libraries;
    (b) by displaying the documents on the municipality's official website, if the municipality                 has a website as envisaged by section 21 B; and
    (c) by notifying the local community, in accordance with section 21, of the place, including            website address, where detailed particulars concerning the documents can be                            obtained.

Section 21B of the Systems Act: Official website
(1)   Each municipality must—
     (a) establish its own official website if the municipality decides that it is affordable; and
     (b) place on that official website information required to be made public in terms of this                   Act and the Municipal Finance Management Act.

(2)   If a municipality decides that it is not affordable for it to establish its own official website,          it must provide the information in terms of legislation referred to in subsection (1) (b) for            display on an organised local government website sponsored or facilitated by the                      National Treasury.

(3)   The municipal manager must maintain and regularly update the municipality’s official              website, if in existence, or provide the relevant information as required by subsection (2)

57( I ) ( h) of the Municipal Systems Act states that performance agreements for Section 57 Managers must be on the Website1

Municipal Financial Management Act Requirements
Section 75 of the MFMA requires that the municipalities place key documents and information on their website, including the IDP, annual report, the annual budget2, adjustments budgets and budget related documents and policies3.
Section 75 (1) The accounting officer of a municipality must place on the website referred to 1 0 in section 21A of the Municipal Systems Act the following documents of the municipality:

  • The annual and adjustments budgets and all budget-related documents:
  • All budget-related policies:
  • All performance agreements required in terms of section 57( I ) (h) of the Municipal         Systems Act:
  • all service delivery agreements;
  • all long-term borrowing contracts;
  • all supply chain management contracts above a prescribed value:
  • An information statement containing a list of assets over a prescribed value that         have been disposed of in terms of section 14(2) or (4) during the previous quarter:
  • Contracts to which subsection of section 33 apply, subject to subsection (3) of                 public-private partnership agreements referred to in section 110:
  • all quarterly reports tabled in the council in terms of section 52:
  • and any other documents that must be placed on the website in terms of this Act:
  • any other applicable legislation, or as may be prescribed.

(2)   A document referred to in subsection ( I) must be placed on the website not later 30
        than  five days after its tabling in the council or on the date on which it must be made                public, whichever occurs first.

        Advertise and invite representations on any draft resolution on the proposed rates and            taxes on its website and public libraries, as required by Section 22 of the MFMA and                  Section 21 A of the Systems Act

     Copies of the draft and final Medium Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework / (i.e.             Municipal Budgets) in the prescribed format as per Section 17 of the Local Government:         Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 with the following supporting documents:
            (a)  Draft resolutions-
                 (i)  approving the budget of the municipality;
                (ii)  imposing any municipal tax and setting any municipal tariffs as may be required                        for the budget year; and
                (iii) approving any other matter that may be prescribed;

            (b) measurable performance objectives for revenue from each source and for each                         vote in the budget, taking into account the municipality’s integrated development                       plan;

           (c) a projection of cash flow for the budget year by revenue source. broken down per                      month;

          (d) any proposed amendments to the municipality’s integrated development plan                              following the annual review of the integrated development plan in terms of section                      34 of the Municipal Systems Act;

         (e) any proposed amendments to the budget-related policies of the municipality:

         (f) particulars of the municipality’s investments;

        (g) any prescribed budget information on municipal entities under the sole or shared                        control of the municipality;

        (h) particulars of all proposed new municipal entities which the municipality intends to                    establish or in which the municipality intends to participate:

        (i) particulars of any proposed service delivery agreements. including material                                  amendments to existing service delivery agreements;

        (j) particulars of any proposed allocations or grants by the municipality to-
                 (i) other municipalities;
                 (ii) any municipal entities and other external mechanisms assisting the Municipality                          in the exercise of its functions or powers:
                 (iii) any other organs of state;
                 (iv) any organisations or bodies referred to in section 67( 1 ) :

         (k) the proposed cost to the municipality for the budget year of the salary, allowances                    and benefits of-
                  (i) each political office-bearer of the municipality;
                  (ii) councillors of the municipality; and
                  (iii) the municipal manager, the chief financial officer, each senior manager of the                              municipality and any other official of the municipality having a remuneration                                  package greater than or equal to that of a senior manager;

          (l) the proposed cost for the budget year to a municipal entity under the sole or shared                  control of the municipality of the salary, allowances and benefits of-
                  (i) each member of the entity’s board of directors: and
                  (ii) the chief executive officer and each senior manager of the entity; and

         (m) any other supporting documentation as may be prescribed.

 Any request for a formal written quotation which is likely to be in excess of R30000 must be advertised for at least 7 (seven) days on the municipal official website and an official notice board as applicable.

Municipal Property Rates Act Requirements
Public notice of valuation rolls

Section 49(1) The valuer of a municipality must submit the certified valuation roll to the municipal manager, and the municipal manager must within 21 days of receipt of the roll-

     (a) publish in the prescribed form in the provincial Gazette, and once a week for two                         consecutive weeks advertise in the media, a notice-
            (i) stating that the roll is open for public inspection for a period stated in the notice,                          which may not be less than 30 days from the date of publication of the last notice;                      and
            (ii) inviting every person who wishes to lodge an objection in respect any matter in, or                     omitted from, the roll to do so in the prescribed manner within the stated period;
       (b) disseminate the substance of the notice referred to in paragraph (a) to the local                           community in terms of Chapter 4 of the Municipal Systems Act; and
        (c) serve, by ordinary mail or, if appropriate, in accordance with section 115 of the                             Municipal Systems Act, on every owner of property listed in the valuation roll a copy
             of the notice referred to in paragraph (a) together with an extract of the valuation roll                  pertaining to that owner’s property.

Section 49(2) If the municipality has an official website or another website available to it, the notice and the valuation roll must also be published on the website.